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At Hamlet Homes Warrington we believe in keeping you informed about what is going on with our company and the property market.

Warrington House Prices Up 4.2% in a Year What does that mean for local Landlords and Homeowners?

30 May 2019

Warrington House Prices Up 4.2% In A Year What Does That Mean For Local Landlords And Homeowners?

The balancing act of being a Warrington Buy To Let landlord is something many do well at. Talking to numerous Warrington landlords, they are very aware of their tenants’ capability to pay...

Unemployment - the Secret Driver of the Warrington Property Market?

17 May 2019

Unemployment - The Secret Driver Of The Warrington Property Market?

If you have been reading my articles on the Warrington property market recently, you will see that in the three years since the referendum of the ‘B’ word (that word is banned in our...

Warrington Buy To Let Annual Returns Hit 11.54% in Last 10 Years

18 April 2019

Warrington Buy To Let Annual Returns Hit 11.54% In Last 10 Years

Many Warrington people ponder the best places to invest their hard-earned savings and the best piece of advice I can give you is to do your homework and speak to lots of people. It depends on...

What Has Happened to the Warrington Property Market Since the Last Property Market Crash?

5 April 2019

What Has Happened To The Warrington Property Market Since The Last Property Market Crash?

A handful of Warrington landlords and homeowners have been asking me what would happen if we had another property crash like we did in 2008/9? Continue reading this blog here: ...

Warrington Property Market vs London Property Market

22 March 2019

Warrington Property Market Vs London Property Market

Anyone would think that national news, especially when it comes to talking about the property market, is just focused on London centric. In fact, over the last 5 years, the London property market...

How Did Brexit Affect the Warrington Property Market in 2018 – and its Future for 2019?

8 March 2019

How Did Brexit Affect The Warrington Property Market In 2018 – And Its Future For 2019?

Whilst chatting with a local landlord a few weeks ago, I suggested property values in Warrington would be between 1.5% and 2.3% different by the end of the year. It might surprise some people...

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