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Warrington Homeownership Rockets by 3,727 Homes in the Last 5 Years

26 April 2022

Warrington Homeownership Rockets By 3,727 Homes In The Last 5 Years

  The Warrington housing market over the last five years has behaved oddly. Warrington house prices are 33.5% higher than in 2017, even though during those five...

17,979 Warrington Terraced Houses Why are they so popular?

19 April 2022

17,979 Warrington Terraced Houses Why Are They So Popular?

Did you know there are 17,979 Terraced Houses in Warrington? What is the history behind the humble terraced and why are they so popular with Warrington homeowners and Warrington buy-to-let...

75% Drop in Warrington Council Houses in the Last 40 years

11 April 2022

75% Drop In Warrington Council Houses In The Last 40 Years

In 1981, 28.6% of properties in Warrington (and the Warrington Borough as a whole) were council houses. Today, that figure stands at 7.2%, a proportional drop of 75%. ...

Struggling To Sell? How To Turn House Viewings Into Solid Offers

8 April 2022

Struggling To Sell? How To Turn House Viewings Into Solid Offers

  We know that it can be very frustrating for homeowners if your house has been on the market for a while without attracting any offers. If this sounds familiar, here are a few...

Why Does it Take 120 Days to Get the Keys When You Buy a Warrington House?

5 April 2022

Why Does It Take 120 Days To Get The Keys When You Buy A Warrington House?

It only takes 36 days to sell a Warrington home, so why does it take 120 days from the sold board going up to the buyer getting the keys? With a shortage of solicitors and...

3 in 10 Warrington Homeowners Unable to Sell

28 March 2022

3 In 10 Warrington Homeowners Unable To Sell

The average time to find a buyer for a Warrington property reduced from 60 days in 2020 to 37 days in 2021. Yet still, just under 3 in 10 Warrington homeowners are on the...

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