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What are House Moving Costs?

18 December 2020

What Are House Moving Costs?

If you’ve been thinking about buying a house in Warrington, you’ll be daydreaming about how many bedrooms you need, what the garden is like or if it’s in the right school...

No Deal Brexit – The Prediction for Warrington House Prices

16 December 2020

No Deal Brexit – The Prediction For Warrington House Prices

What happened to the predicted Warrington house price crash of 15% that didn’t happen in the Summer of 2020? Or the predicted fall of 18% Warrington house prices by the Treasury if we voted...

Will the Warrington Property Market Crash in 2021?

14 December 2020

Will The Warrington Property Market Crash In 2021?

The Warrington property market has resisted every Economist’s prediction. With the economy a shadow of its former self, unemployment set to hit 11.9%, the Government on track to borrow...

Choosing as Estate Agent in Warrington

11 December 2020

Choosing As Estate Agent In Warrington

Congratulations on your decision to search for a new home in Warrington. This is an exciting time for you and now is the right moment to consider two highly important elements to make sure you...

Can You Save Money From The Proposed New Capital Gains Tax Changes

4 December 2020

Can You Save Money From The Proposed New Capital Gains Tax Changes

Many Warrington Landlords have been alarmed at the prospect of Capital Gains Tax rising to as high as 45%, from its current maximum of 28%. In this article, I look at the proposed changes and show...

7 Tips for Making the Most of your Living Space

4 December 2020

7 Tips For Making The Most Of Your Living Space

When it comes to your home space, there will no doubt be times when you wish there was a bit more of it. If things are feeling a bit cramped, then you may be tempted to take a page out of Marie...

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