Let's get you on the Credit Ladder

Rent payments have never counted towards building your credit history, until now.

Hamlet Homes Warrington has partnered with CreditLadder to ensure your rental payments are added to your credit history.

How Does it Work?

Provide your tenancy details
Provide some basic information about your tenancy, including your address and rental amount.

Connect your bank account
Connect the bank account from where you pay your rent, granting CreditLadder read-only access.

Choose from one of our awesome plans
Why not save some money whilst you’re improving your credit score?

Why build my credit score?

Credit with better rates
A good credit score gives you access to better rates on loans, credit cards and even utility bills.

Access to loans and mortgages
Build up evidence of paying your rent on time – ultimately this could help when you’re looking for a mortgage.

Finance big purchases
Whether its a new car or a fairy-tale wedding, the stronger your credit score the better the interest rate you’re likely to get on a loan.

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