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Warrington Homeowners to Face Post-Lockdown Mortgage Rate Rise of £541 a Year

1 November 2021

Warrington Homeowners To Face Post-Lockdown Mortgage Rate Rise Of £541 A Year

Warrington homeowner? Interest Rates will rise three times by the late Summer of 2022 according to everyone in the City. That means the 1 in 5 Warrington homeowners on a variable rate mortgage...

How To Sell And Move In By Christmas

29 October 2021

How To Sell And Move In By Christmas

Moving home can be a lengthy process, sometimes taking several months. A lot of buyers use Christmas as a self-imposed deadline, often so they can host the festivities in their new home and start...

Has Buy-to-Let Changed the Warrington Property Market?

25 October 2021

Has Buy-To-Let Changed The Warrington Property Market?

The growth of the buy-to-let market has been blamed for the lower number of Warrington first-time buyers compared to the 1980’s.  Yet is the story as simple as that? ...

What Makes a Good Estate Agent? 4 Things to Look For in an Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

22 October 2021

What Makes A Good Estate Agent? 4 Things To Look For In An Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

Selling your home is a huge life decision. Finding the right person for the job is one of the most important things you can do. A good estate agent is honest, reliable, and easy to talk to....

Will Warrington house prices fall in the Autumn?

18 October 2021

Will Warrington House Prices Fall In The Autumn?

With furlough ending, inflation and unemployment on the rise; some property commentators are suggesting that things aren’t looking good for the UK property market.   Yet in this...

How To Sell a Home in Need Of Repair in Warrington

15 October 2021

How To Sell A Home In Need Of Repair In Warrington

Just because your home is a fixer-upper, that doesn’t mean you can’t sell it for a great price. There is a huge market of family DIY-ers and developers that would love to snap up your...

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