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7 Home Selling Myths…Busted!

27 August 2021

7 Home Selling Myths…Busted!

When it comes to selling your home in Warrington, there’s a lot of overwhelming information and old wives tales out there, and it can sometimes be difficult separating the fact from the...

How Many Days Does It Take to Sell a Warrington Home?

24 August 2021

How Many Days Does It Take To Sell A Warrington Home?

With Warrington homes only taking 14 days to sell, there are many stories of people missing out on properties before they even come onto the market. Yet, many Warrington home buyers are missing...

Only 1 in 9 Warrington Properties are Bungalows, Despite an Ageing Population. Why?

16 August 2021

Only 1 In 9 Warrington Properties Are Bungalows, Despite An Ageing Population. Why?

 in 5 people in the UK are of retirement age, yet only 1 in 14 homes in the country are bungalows. Looking locally in Warrington, 1 in 9 homes are bungalows.  ...

5 Tips to Make Your House Look Larger

13 August 2021

5 Tips To Make Your House Look Larger

For many people, buying a bigger house in Warrington or building an extension is an unaffordable dream, but being short of space doesn’t mean you have to feel squashed in your home....

Warrington’s Love (and Hate) Affair with the Semi-Detached House

9 August 2021

Warrington’S Love (And Hate) Affair With The Semi-Detached House

The British Love (and Hate) Affair with the Semi-Detached House has been an up and down matter for a couple of centuries.   In this article, I look at how the semi-detached house...

10 Tips for a Stunning Garage Conversion

6 August 2021

10 Tips For A Stunning Garage Conversion

Our garages often become storage rooms, hoarding items we now have little use for but converting this space can completely transform your home. Whether it gives you a dedicated office, a...

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