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An extension could add £42,725 to the value of your Warrington home

1 March 2018

An Extension Could Add £42,725 To The Value Of Your Warrington Home

As our families grow bigger the need for more space, be that bedrooms or reception rooms, has grown with it. Also, as our older generation lives longer and nursing home bills continue to rise...

Warrington Landlord's The Do’s and Don’ts with Carbon Monoxide

22 February 2018

Warrington Landlord's The Do’S And Don’Ts With Carbon Monoxide

Landlords are being urged to step up and ensure that all rented properties and accommodation meet recent laws relating to carbon monoxide alarms.The legislation, which came into effect in Autumn...

Warrington’s £181,394,640 “Rentirement” Property Market Time Bomb

15 February 2018

Warrington’S £181,394,640 “Rentirement” Property Market Time Bomb

Yes, I said ‘ rentirement ’, not retirement ...  rentirement  and it relates to the 1,161 (and growing) Warrington people, who don’t own their own Warrington home...

Warrington Private Rents Hit £9.58 per sq. foot

8 February 2018

Warrington Private Rents Hit £9.58 Per Sq. Foot

As I am sure you are aware, one the best things about my job as an agent is helping Warrington landlords with their strategic portfolio management. Gone are the days of making money by buying any...

My thoughts on the future of the Warrington Buy-To-Let Market

26 January 2018

My Thoughts On The Future Of The Warrington Buy-To-Let Market

I was recently reading a report by the Home website which suggested that hordes of landlords are selling their buy-to-let investments due to increasing burdens on them in the buy-to-let market....

Youngsters unable to buy their first home in Warrington – Are the Baby Boomers and Landlords to Blame?

18 January 2018

Youngsters Unable To Buy Their First Home In Warrington – Are The Baby Boomers And Landlords To Blame?

Talk to many Warrington 20 something’s, where home ownership has looked but a vague dream, many of them have been vexatious towards the Baby Boomer generation and their pushover ‘easy...

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